A message from Mark

Throughout my life, I have been committed to serving my community through service. Be it through my church, coaching youth sports teams, or serving as a volunteer for the local Republican Party, giving back is an important part of who I am. I consider serving in the State Legislature to be a form of public service and that is how I will carry out my responsibilities as your Representative.

I never envisioned myself as a candidate for office, but I also never envisioned the disturbing turn taken by so called conservatives. Riding the conservative wave to get yourself elected and then abandoning those principles is worse than being a liberal. At least you know where liberals stand.

There still is a place in state government for the citizen legislator. Voters deserve a choice between someone who touts their power and a candidate who believes in the power of the people.

Government has its role in our society. But, as defined in our Constitution, its powers must be limited in order to preserve the freedoms of its citizens. I am a firm believer that government does not hold the solutions to the problems that face our community, our state and our nation. Our citizens are our greatest resource and we need a smaller, more responsible, more accountable, and less intrusive government that gets out of people’s way and lets them get down to the work of problem solving.

I believe in you, the citizens of North Carolina, and it would be my honor to serve you as your representative in the N.C. House.

I ask for your support and your prayers as I pursue this important opportunity to serve my community.